Vector Technologies is a professional controls, automation, and service company.  We provide a combination of services and manufactured control systems.





Vector Technologies is a professional controls and automation company offering sales and service in a full range of markets. We can provide the expertise needed to design, purchase, program and start up your new or existing control or ESD systems.

Vector Technologies can also supply a project management team to assist in keeping your projects on time and control cost. With our partner company we can also offer other professional services to go from conceptual design to completion and startup.

If you are thinking of designing a new system, machine, or upgrading an existing one, Vector Technologies can supply the expertise to help you achieve your goal.



Don't know where to turn or what industrial automation products to use for your next project?  From simple PLC control to large complex applications, Vector Technologies is here for you.  No project is too small.  We have the experience and know how with the latest automation technology.  We work with all technologies on a regular basis such as PLCs, HMIs, Servos, Motion, Software, and Drives.  If you need advice on how to accomplish a specific automation task, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help with our friendly advice.




Is support important to you?  We pride ourselves in putting the customer first. Support is our #1 priority.  Whether you have project related questions or just need some direction or advice, we are here to help!  Don't hesitate to give us a call and we will do our best to answer your request.

What We Do

Industrial Automation

  • Control System Design 
  • Integration Services 
  • ESD and Process Control Systems 
  • Panel Design and Construction 
  • Network Design and Implementation

Machine Controls 

  • Electrical System Retrofits 
  • Instrumentation Retrofits 
  • Machine Controls Retrofits
  • Machine Controls Redesign
  • Machine Controls Upgrades

Drafting and Design 

  • As-Built Drawings 
  • I&E Design 
  • Detailed Piping Design

Project Management 

  • Project Management Cost Tracking 
  • Project Team Coordination 
  • Project Scheduling 
  • System Startup and Commissioning

Partner Services 

  • Pipeline Design 
  • Compression Services 
  • Facility Upgrade 
  • Structural Design

Computer Services