Plastic Bag Machine Controls
Upgrade/Retrofit Package

Down time got you down?

Costly machine outages and production time lost?

Do you have an existing Gloucester, Samtech, J&C Industries, or other bag machine that is in desperate need of a  controls upgrade or controls replacement.  Look no further, as Vector Technologies has a controls package for you.  Our retrofit package includes a new PLC, Temperature Module (to replace the existing temperature controllers) , and 7” Touch Screen HMI.  The PLC and HMI come fully programmed and are ready to go into operation.  Just install the PLC and touch screen, wire it up, and turn on power.

Bag Machine.JPG

Our Controls package contains the following I/O:                      

Bag screens.JPG

Digital Inputs: 

  • ESD Button               
  • Enable                       
  • System Start              
  • Safety Cable
  • HSC Counter (Pulse)

Digital Outputs:

  • Drive Enable              
  • Shuttle Valve             
  • Head Valve                
  • Shuttle Boost            
  • Head Cycle Position
  • Platen Seal -Hole Punch
  • Rear Seal -Alarm Buzzer
  • Front Seal
  • Nips
  • Enable Light
  • Bell
  • Head Pump

Temperature Inputs:

  • Platen Seal
  • Rear Seal
  • Front Seal



  • Breath new life into an old machine
  • Reduced cost, maintenance, and downtime
  • Quick Installation for reduced downtime
  • Superior operation and performance


If you have any questions or would like pricing of the bag machine package, please feel free to contact us.